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Dr. Patrias' health care team will provide patient centered, relationship oriented, academically excellent care.

Dear Patient,

The goal of our entire staff is to be service to you.  We want to help you to be as healthy as possible.  We will work together to strive to achieve your health care goals.  We want you to have a medical home in which you feel comfortable and both cared for and cared about.  We truly love and care about each one of our patients. 

Good health care is provided in the context of a mutually trusting, honest and kind relationship. 

We want everyone who is a part of our medical family to have an understanding of the principles under which we function.

Our physicians and office staff will work together to provide you with the health care you need in a timely matter.  You should plan on scheduling your yearly health maintenance exam about four months ahead of when it is due.  We manage our schedule so that when you have an urgent or acute need, we can see you.  We promise to be responsible in scheduling in such a way to allow access to the health care you need and with respect to your time. 

We will respect your privacy and will hold your medical information for you confidentially.  Your records and medical history are not shared with anyone without your written permission unless required by law. 

We will be honest with you in all aspects of your health care.

Our physicians will maintain both their medical knowledge and their skills so that they can offer you the best in health care.  We will listen to you and always put your insight foremost in our decision making process.  We will provide you with as much information as we can in respect to yor health care. 

We will offer optimal health care in the most cost effective way possible without compromising our mutual goals.  

It has been obvious to us through the years that our patients want to know how to best partner with us, your health care providers. 

The most important role of our patients may seem self-evident.  It is to be honest and open with us.  The better the information we get from you, the better we can serve you.  We rely on the history you give us to make medical decisions.  Be as complete as possible.  If you have outside medical records, collect them and bring them with you.  Making a list of your medical questions and bringing it to each appointment can be very helpful.  Let us know if you need prescription refills.  Please do not hesitate to be completely honest with us.  We won't discipline you or judge you. 

We will call you two days before your appointments as a courtesy reminder.  We ask that you call us a day ahead of time if you cannot make your appointments.  This allows us to give that time to another patient who needs it.  We do have a $50 cancellation fee for missed appointments and appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours in advance. 

Patients sometimes ask us to make a medical diagnosis and recommendations on the phone.  This is almost uniformly a bad idea.  We want to make the best possible medical decisions with you.  Please know that it is because of this that we ask you to make an appointment and come in. 

It is our office policy that we do not fill prescriptions for controlled substances such as narcotics, ADD medications and benzodiazepines with an appointment.  Again, this allows us to look for side effects and to be sure you are receiving the best medications for your conditions. 

Unless otherwise arranged with your physician, you can expect is to send your any results of tests or labs within two weeks.  If you do not receive these, please call our office. 

Our office phone is open from 8am-noon and 1pm-5pm Monday through Thursdays and Fridays 8am-12pm.  We frequently see patients beyond those hours as well. 

Should you have an emergent need outside of office hours, you can reach your physician on their cell phone.  They also provide their emails for simple medical questions and as a means of mutually agreed on communication.  Prescriptions refills are best handled at your appointments. Should you unexpectedly run low on a medication other than a controlled substance, you can call the office providing a full day for your pharmacy and physician to get that filled for you.  We do require that you be seen at least once a year for medications to be filled over the phone.

Dr. Becky Patrias MD

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